Prisoners of SEX ran from Nov 30 - Dec 15 2006 with performances in Nijmegen and Amsterdam

This production has been made possible by the generous support of Schorer, Aids Fonds, GGD Nijmegen, COC Nijmegen & Stichting SOAAN.

Special Thanks
We are especially grateful to the following people and organisations without whose support this production would not have been possible.
Astrid Roggen, Astrid Haven, Ralf Jagers, Joyce van Galenlast and the other volunteers and staff of Schorer; Ronald Berends, Ton Coenen of Aids Fonds, Bauke Kortleve of Artlaunch; Marieke te Plate of GGD Nijmegen; Herman Janssen of COC Nijmegen; Stichting SOAAN, Nijmegen, Noud Verhave of Stichting Ateliers Oostelijke Eilanden; Joost H J Brand; Nash Mir (Our World) lesbian & Gay Center, Kiev, COC Amsterdam, Sanno de Beer of the Pleintheater, Café Reibach, Essink Poster Service, and all our other supporters and friends.

Ten characters. Five situations.
One obsession. Bareback sex.

Andrei Malahov in Aputheatre's presentation of John Roman Baker's Prisoners of SexErik de kruijf in Aputheatre's presentation of John Roman Baker's Prisoners of Sex
Marcel Romeijn in Aputheatre's presentation of John Roman Baker's Prisoners of Sex
Nick Barker-Pendree in Aputheatre's presentation of John Roman Baker's Prisoners of Sex

Prisoners of SEX
written and directed by
John Roman Baker

Desire. Compulsion. Risk.

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After a successful premiere in Nijmegen and a first run of performances in Amsterdam. There are just 2 more chances to see Prisoners of SEX in Amsterdam on 14th and 15th December 2006.

BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment.

21st Century Sex. Sex in a Bar, on a one night stand, in porno movies, via the internet, even at home in a 1 year old marriage

Diverse situations that across Europe are being repeated and replayed. Familiar situations, but the desires are compulsive, the motivations complex and the risks, shared.

Prisoners of SEX is an incisive, amusing, full-on look at gay male sex at the beginning of the 21st Century.

'Prisoners of SEX' is written and directed by John Roman Baker and has a cast of talented young actors, Nick Barker-Pendree, Andrei Malahov, Erik De Kruijf and Marcel Romeijn. The company's past work includes 'The Prostitution Plays' and 'East Side Skin'.

The performances are in English.

Performance Data – AMSTERDAM

Dates: 14, 15 December
Time: 20.30
Venue: Pleintheater, Sajetplein39, 1091DB Amsterdam
Tickets: €10.00 / €7.50
Reservations and Information:
Pleintheater 020 - 693 33 80



'Prisoners of SEX' is presented by Aputheatre as part of Take Care for World Aids Day 2006. The production is made possible with support from Schorer, Aids Fonds, GGD Nijmegen and COC Nijmegen.

About us

Aputheatre is based in Amsterdam. We produce powerful male drama from a queer point of view. Our work has been seen in many countries accross Europe and we frequently participate in Gay and Lesbian Cultural Festivals around the continent.

We began work in Brighton, England in 1989 under the name of Aids Positive Underground Theatre. In recent years the scope of our work has broadened to include many issues on contemporary importance. In particular we explore the changing dynamics of European politics and demographics.

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