Things Happen

Things happen when bisexual Joe and his girlfriend Lana go on holiday to Croatia. Joe picks up a Serbian hustler called Marko, burnt out by the former Yugoslav wars and carrying that bombed out damage with him. Lana goes her own way and experiences a minefield of her own while Joe is trying to have sex with Marko back at the hotel!

Robbie Aldjufri and Karla Hari in Things Happen

Written and directed by John Roman Baker Things Happen is the latest production from Aputheatre (The Prostitution Plays, East Side Skin). Witty and provocative the play explores the boundaries of sexuality and commitment, risk and desire. A black comedy for the adventurous who dare to look at the consequences of disastrous holidays and relationships.

The performances are in English.

Written and directed by
John Roman Baker

Robbie Aldjufri
Karla Hari
Michael Kroegman

Rod Evan

Presented as part of the cultural programme of Amsterdam Pride 2004.

Robbie Aldjufri and Michael Kroegman in
Things Happen

Production Details
27, 28, 29, 30, 31July
3, 4, 5 August 2004


COC Theater
Rozenstraat 14, Amsterdam

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Tickets: €9.50 / €7.50

Robbie Aldjufri and Karla Hari in Things Happen


There will be a special performance of Things Happen at Het Vagevuur in Eindhoven on Friday 13 August 2004.

Aputheatre, was established in 1989 in Brighton, England as a cultural response to Aids. The company now has a broader objective to present work that questions sexual roles in society and explores the margins of sexuality. Now based in Amsterdam the company works and tours in Europe against a backdrop of increasing conservatism in the West and outright homophobia in many parts of the East, John Roman Baker director of ‘Things Happen’ explains: “This kind of theatre is necessary to increase awareness of the frightening clash of cultures which could destroy not only our sexual freedoms but impose harsh regimes upon us.”

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